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Trump’s Anti-Muslim Order

January 31, 2017 No Comments »

An unconstitutional law is a one that only applies to one group of people and not everyone. For example, Trump’s executive order banning Muslim immigrants from entering America is unconstitutional, as it only applies to Muslim immigrants and no other ... Read More »

Bocelli’s Restaurant Review

January 27, 2017 No Comments »

By Alanna Nucci and JJ Jalal Bocelli’s is a casual and compact sit-down restaurant located in South Medford that serves a variety of traditional Italian foods such as pizza, pasta, salads, and chicken and seafood dishes. It is very well-suited ... Read More »

Medford wins first hockey tournament in over a decade

January 27, 2017 No Comments »

Since the days of Medford making the super 8 in 2006, the Mustangs have not won any tournament in a decade. The last tournament we won was the Cahoun tournament back in 2006. Finally that changed in the Kasabuski Christmas ... Read More »

Soup and Sandwiches

January 27, 2017 No Comments »

By Sophia Leggio Medford High School is trying to create a tastier and more nutritious alternative to the frozen crap that is our school lunches. Retta Smith is on a mission to create a healthier lunch for high school students ... Read More »

The Importance of Women’s March by Alex Goncalves

January 27, 2017 No Comments »

On Friday January 20th, thousands of men and women traveled to Washington to make sure and remind Trump that he isn’t the people’s President and that he is the most hated man in America. This statement alone speaks volumes on the ... Read More »