Review: One Act Plays

March 3, 2012 Comments Off on Review: One Act Plays

By: Shannon Froysa

On Wednesday, February 29 and Thursday, March 1, 2012, students Eddie Brown, Daniel Begin, and Malia Crowe directed a series of plays with their own creative spins.

The first show was by senior director Eddie Brown, with Check Please. Check Please was a fun and uplifting comedic romance story of all the possible dates a man or a woman, can experience- in all the wrong ways. The cast of check please were as followed: Collin O’ Toole, a sophomore, played “Guy”; Jayde Garduno-Perret, a sophomore, played “Girl”; David Todisco, freshman, played “Louis” and “Ken”; Will Bowler, freshman, played “Todd” and “Mark”; Brennan Miller, freshman, played “Brandon” and “Manny”; Ali DeRosas, a junior, played “Melanie” and “Mimi”; Sarah Ruemenapp, a sophomore, played “Mary” and “Linda”; and Jenna Lossio, a sophomore, played “Pearl” and “Sophie”. This was a great way to get the audience to enjoy the comedy by showing the awkwardness a boy, or a girl, could face as they encounter many different people who they have been set up to take out on a date.

The next play, Daniel Begin directed War At Home, a compelling storyline of the tragic events of 9/11. The cast of this stupendous, heart-felt play was: Will Bowler, a freshman, who played “Freshman”; Kerry Collins, a sophomore, who played “Worrier”; Katherine Corneilson, a junior, who played “Cheerleader” and “Patriot”; Kathleen Elliot, a senior, who played “Mother” and “Neighbor”; Jennifer Frederick who played “Firebrand” and “Executive”; Maxine Harney, who played “Gadfly”; Bailey Lee, a junior, who played “Artist” and “Musician”; Steven Marchio, who played “Introvert”; Darren McFadden, a freshman, who played “Slacker Dude” and “Screenwriter”; Matthew Minchello, who played “Jock”; Sarah Rosenstein, a freshman, who played “A Muslim”; Katherine Timmins, a senior, who played “Bully” and “Rebel”; and Callie Todhunter, a freshman, who played “Teacher” and “P.A. Announcer.” The cast really brought to life the horrors that spread ever so quickly across America and the world, of what happen on the Tuesday morning, September 11th, 2001. Bailey Lee had an excellent violin solo that covered many patriotic songs to our homeland, which truly drove home the emotional appeals of the play. But overall, I would say War at Home was an excellent play with wonderful cast members who brought the audience into the world of a time were tragedy hit its hardest in 2001.

And lastly, Malia Crowe directed Oz. Her interpretation of Oz was a great way to end our night with the drama club, as the humor among the “Cowardly Lion”, played by junior Bryan Peguero, the “Tin Man”, played by Marcus Howard, the “Scarecrow”, played by sophomore Samantha Dorcean, and “Beth”, played by junior, Nicole Avella lightened up the mood. Other cast members such as, “Beth’s mother” and “Glinda the Good Witch of the North” was played by Cecilia Petit; “Aunt Carol” and “The Wicked Witch of the West” was played by Deanna DeBenedictis; “Uncle Jason” and “the Wizard of Oz” was played by freshman Zach Going; “The Guide” and “Jill” was played by freshman Jacqueline McGloughlin; “Hair” and “Quix” was played by, Michaela Davidson; “Wardrobe” and “Quax” was played by Sandra Gonzalez; “Props” and “The Mayor’s Assistant” was played by sophomore Victoria DiPriest; and lastly, “Gary” and “Larry”, two munchkin characters, were played by junior Peter-Joseph DiGiovanni. All of the cast members of Oz did a fantastic job bringing to life a parody about The Wizard of Oz.

So if you didn’t get the chance to see it on opening night, which was Wednesday February 29, there is still one more night of performance, which is tomorrow, Thursday, March 1! And if you are unable to attend that, come out at the end of March to see the drama club host the musical, The Drowsy Chaperone! Stay in-tune to the morning announcements as the end of the month draws closer. And again, a big congratulation to all the cast and crew who put on “The night of the One-Acts.”

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