Sports: Dance VS Football “Who Has More Endurance?”

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Sports: Dance VS Football “Who Has More Endurance?”

By: Kimberley Hurdle

Who has more endurance, dancers or football players? Personally, I believe dancers have more endurance (then again, I am a dancer).

Regardless if you study ballet or break dancing, tap or salsa – you work through the pain until you finish the dance. You are criticized as long as your feet are gliding across a dance floor, not just based on technique but on your facial expressions and the movements you perform to correspond with the selected style.

When asking students around the school whether they believe dancers or football players have more endurance, it was split across gender lines: the majority of girls responded with dancers had more endurance while the majority of boys supported football players. One student even said, “Dancers stretch to their fullest to the point where they don’t injure themselves, where once football players injure themselves, they run off the field rather than facing the pain.”

Now, there is no thought in my mind that football players have endurance: in fact it takes a lot of skill and mental strength for their bodies to go through slamming into each other, listening to screams from other teams and their coaches behind a suffocating helmet. They practice throughout the year, literally through blood, sweat and tears from scorching hot to cold weather.

Though a majority of students say dancers have more endurance there are a lot of factors regarding the question itself. Many have hesitated on the question. What type of dance? Do male dancers apply to this? Are you comparing high school or professional football players? As I was questioned, I acknowledged the question was a bit too vague.  You can’t exactly say one has more endurance than the other, when it all along depends on the person. Then again you can’t just compare the two and not soccer, volleyball, or even cheerleading. As the narrator in the Tootsie Pop commercial says, “The world may never know.”

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