Movie Review: Sinister

October 29, 2012 Comments Off on Movie Review: Sinister
Movie Review: Sinister

By Alison Ross


While most students went to go see Argo on Seven Dollar Tuesday at the Woburn Theater with their History class, Kelly Foley and I purchased tickets for the new horror film Sinister. As a person who loves horror movies, I was excited to be there. I have heard from many people that the movie is “messed up,” and even our own Amy Lam mentioned that I would be losing sleep after seeing this movie.

More often than not, I find “scary movies” to be not so scary. They all have an okay plot, a lot of suspenseful music, and a few things jump out at you. Things also can be spooky if you throw in the supernatural or religious beliefs.  I love scary movies, but I’ll admit it, I am skeptical of how frightening a movie can really be. This was until Sinister put me in my place. This was the scariest movie I have ever seen!

The story goes that Ellison Oswald moved his family into a new home to find inspiration for his new novel. Unbeknownst to his wife and children, the last family to live there was found hanged in their backyard and one of their children went missing. While moving in and getting a start on his book, Ellison finds Super8 projector films in the attic. He starts to watch them to study the family, but the film goes sour when he finds their deaths have been recorded on these tapes.

Ellison is horrified but continues to watch all of the films. It turns out that each film has a graphic mass murder of a family, each showing how they were tortured. Similarly to the first murder, one child from every family turns out to be missing. Right when you think that the murders are a connected by a serial killer, a demon, Bughuul (referred to as “Mr. Boogie”), appears in the films.

Buguul is known for stealing the souls of children. This is what happened to all of the children that went missing. He used the film as a door to his realm and the children were the ones that killed their families as an “orientation” of sorts to be one of Buguul’s children.

I was scared the entire movie. I would highly recommend going to see this it. Sinister is the best scary movie I have seen in a while. Good luck in the theater, because you will be scared.

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