It Gets Better!

October 31, 2012 Comments Off on It Gets Better!
It Gets Better!


Every year the Gay Straight Alliance at Medford High School puts on an assembly based around the Trevor Project’s It Gets Better.  The Trevor Project is the “leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.”  Senor Skorker and Ms. Marrone, the  phenomenal GSA advisors, put on the most powerful and touching assembly there is to date.

Student Speakers Jackie Buttaro, Colin O’Toole and I gave speeches about our past experiences with bullying and being a bully in different environments and for different reasons.  The student speeches usually grab the freshman’s attention the quickest because we try to relate our stories to theirs. Mr. Milne gave an extraordinary speech about gender and how people shouldn’t be cookie cutter boys and cookie cutter girls.  He went on to explain how anyone outside of those cookie cutter genders would be picked on and ended with our emcee Ali De Rosas stomping on two cookie cutters.

Amy Mendoza, a step parent and former student teacher at Medford High gave a powerful speech about herself and her experiences and how she came out twelve separate times, each time something different.  She is proud of who she is, fat queer and butch, to quote her introduction, and will not change anything, even the way she looks to fit in because she stands out and that is the way Amy wants it.

At the end of the assembly, we had freshman telling us how great the assembly was and I even had a student come up to me and ask me for a hug.  That following Thursday we gained a few new freshman members to the second biggest club in the school (second to Asian club and bound to change sooner or later.  There is a never-ending, peaceful battle between us).

This is many students’ favorite assembly of high school and is mine as well.  The GSA is an anti-bullying club along with being activists for gay rights. We also put on bi-annual coffeehouses and a school dance.  If you are interested in joining, come see Senor Skorker in 201 or Ms. Marrone in C101 after school, or come and join an meeting on Thursdays!


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