Concert Review: Rush

November 5, 2012 Comments Off on Concert Review: Rush
Concert Review: Rush

By Allison Casey

Last Wednesday, October 24th, Rush played at Boston’s own TD Garden. Composed of only three musicians (Geddy Lee on bass guitar, vocals, and the keyboard; Neil Peart on drums, and Alex Lifeson on guitar and backup vocals,) this Canadian rock band played a whopping three hours of music (with only a ten minute break somewhere during the middle of the show,) leaving no room for an opening band, and plenty of time for all the die-hard Rush fans present to enjoy the twenty-eight songs that they played.

They opened with one of their bigger hits, “Subdivisions,” a song about conformity, and how children are being raised as mindless drones.  “Growing up it all seems so one-sided/Opinions all provided/The future pre-decided/Detached and subdivided/In the mass production zone” are just some of the lyrics and messages found within the song, and it was extremely satisfying for me to see that Rush preformed just as well live (if not better) as they do on their albums.

Although they had no opening band, on this tour (named “Clockwork Angels” after their new album,) Rush was accompanied by an ensemble of talented string musicians. Although at times it was difficult to hear them over the pyrotechnics and the insanely epic drum, bass, and guitar solos, I thought that they added a fantastic new layer to the already amazing show. To promote their new album, Rush played many of their news songs from Clockwork Angels, but they also took us on a trip to the past and played some songs that were thirty years old. They played a fan favorite, “YYZ” (some of you might know this from Guitar Hero 2,) a song composed of only instrumental solos, and then later started their encore with their most famous song, “Tom Sawyer,” a song the represents someone breaking away from the status quo.

Overall, Rush put on a fantastic show, and I would even consider seeing them again. Although they may not be that popular among our generation, I would recommend them to anyone who’s interested in hearing three VERY talented musicians make a whole lot of great music.

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