Halloween at MHS

November 5, 2012 Comments Off on Halloween at MHS
Halloween at MHS

When I woke up this morning and reflected on my pathetic excuse of a costume I decided, hey its my senior year, at least im dressing up one last time. My attempt at being a drunk dude played out alright. However, I have seen a few really clever costumes spooking around! Shrek doned by Emily Ross, a “holy cow” worn by Maria Loutraris, and a graphic zombie known as Amy Lam. I have heard that the freshman are slacking in their Halloween spirit. Maybe they weren’t sure if that was the high school thing to do. But, as this is the last chance for the class of 2013 to celebrate Halloween in high school, we went all out.

One tweet I saw last night said, “everyone who is anyone is dressing up tomorrow.” This is true. I dont respect those that have no spirit. There is nothing wrong with taking a little time to come up with something to dress up as. It is not “cool” to no dress up. It is actually the contrary. If  you are one of those student that decided to opt out of the fun, then boo you! Pun intended.

Halloween has a reputation for being the day when provocative costumes are “acceptable.” MHS has improved over the years and I am pleasantly surprise to say that I have only seen one so far. But, its only third period! Lets pray that people keep it creative instead of innapropriate. Speaking of creativity, Interact is holding a costume contest in categories such as the scariest, the best couple, and the best look-alike. Cant wait to see who wins!


My festivities for tonight are undetermined. A lot of parents are worried about the storm that came through on Monday and Tuesday worrying whether to keep their kids in for the night or let them roam amung falled trees. Monday afternoon my neighbors tree fell inches away from landing on my house. The roads are covered in wet leaves and the weather is still damp. Will this effect the trick or treating traffic? I can not determine that yet, but it will definately put a damper on the excitement surrounding Halloween. A lot of people forgot it was even Halloween due to our two days off.

Well, I hope that everyone stays safe tonight and has fun in their adventures. BOO!

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