Fall Play: Rumors, opening this Thursday!

November 7, 2012 Comments Off on Fall Play: Rumors, opening this Thursday!
Fall Play: Rumors, opening this Thursday!

The Drama club at MHS is performing the comedy Rumors this weekend and they couldn’t be more excited. The fall play this year is a little different from what they’ve done the past few years. The cast consists of ten people; four couples and two police officers. When I asked different cast members about the unusually small size of the cast, they had nothing but positive feedback for me.

            PJ DeGiovanni, who plays Ken, tells me that the ten people in the cast are able to form a stronger bond because there are so few of them, they can all bond in a way that wouldn’t be possible if the cast were a larger size.
            David Todisco, who plays the southern officer Welch, is incredibly happy to be doing his first fall play with MHS as a sophomore, “We’re all just like one big happy family” he tells me with a smile.
             It seems the show this year is also a tad different in that it is a bit of a scandalous comedy. The show starts with the first couple -Ken and Chris- frantically running around the apartment trying to cover up their friend’s (Charley) attempted suicide.
            They are so frantic because tonight happens to be the 10th anniversary of their friends Charley and Myra, and they walk in to find an incoherent Charley with a bullet hole in his ear and a missing Myra.
            The two have no time to contemplate what might have happened because soon the other guests start arriving and hilarity ensues! Eventually the guests are forced to tell the police outlandish tales to try to steer them from the truth. If you want to find out what really happened to Charley, where Myra is, who finds out about the scandal, and what other “Rumors” are thrown around then you’ll have to come this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to see the entertaining and close cast ofRumors.

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