Concert Review: The Mountain Goats

November 12, 2012 Comments Off on Concert Review: The Mountain Goats
Concert Review: The Mountain Goats

Upon listening to the Mountain Goats, one can immediately assume that they would be fantastic in a life setting. Their songs are mostly lo-fi, and singer John Danielle and his changing lineup of musicians are capable and creative. Most importantly, the music of the Mountain Goats music inspires a devoted and emotional fan base which makes their concerts an almost spiritual experience. As someone who recently attended their October 18th performance at the House of Blues, I can vouch for this. They sounded amazing, and all the white college kids who were also in attendance very clearly thought the same thing. The lineup mostly consisted of songs from their new album, Transcendentalist Youth, but it also sampled their better-known volumes, such as The Sunset Tree.

After the concert’s encore, the venue turned on the lights. Some of the audience began to file out the door, but a large group remained. I realized that this was because they were expecting more songs. Singer John Danielle ran back onstage, followed by the band, and began to play even though the House of Blues refused to turn off the lights again. It was a rad moment of rock truth, and because only a few were left in the audience, it was a personal mini-concert.

Basically, hey cool teens; the Mountain Goats are a fun new band for you to listen to! Their songs have the perfect amount of angst for your feelings (which is to say, a lot) but they are also well-written and interesting. And did I mention they are great live? They are great live.

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