Hurricane Sandy: It Still Matters

November 12, 2012 Comments Off on Hurricane Sandy: It Still Matters
Hurricane Sandy: It Still Matters

“My power was out for two days,” says Medford High School student Mark Cangiano of the effects of Hurricane Sandy, the natural disaster and ‘Franken Storm’ which wreaked havoc across the Northeast in the final days of October. Indeed, many students at our high school can offer stories similar to Mark’s. Many experienced power outages, flooding, and other home complications, as the hurricane knocked over trees and power lines. Most notably, Medford public schools were cancelled for two days, after orders from governor Deval Patrick.
While local students may have enjoyed a stress-free doubled weekend at home, with, at worst, little access to electricity, the consequences of the recent storm were far more serious elsewhere. The storm’s destruction was amplified in the low-lying coastal cities of New York and New Jersey, where homes and communities were obliterated, and the storm caused extreme flooding and power outages. Particularly tragic were the events of Staten Island, where 21 residents died. Because of this, even weeks after the hurricane, there is still so much Medford residents can do to help storm victims rebuild. Participation in blood drives, such as the one Medford High School will be holding in the near future, is essential.
These websites offer further resources for those who would like to help:

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