Show Review: American Horror Story: Asylum

November 12, 2012 Comments Off on Show Review: American Horror Story: Asylum
Show Review: American Horror Story: Asylum


By: Kimberley Hurdle

The American Horror Story: Asylum is a new season full of suspense, mystery, and you guessed it horror. Branching from the original FX series, American Horror Story: the second season is completely different giving new viewers a chance to not feel they are behind at all. Taking place in 1964 in Briarcliff Mental Institution, each episode follows a patient who at first seem innocent until the real reason they are there is revealed. As if that isn’t bad, the nuns, doctors, and therapists have their own dirty secrets, demonstrating that no one is innocent and still have skulls in your closet.
From watching just the first 3 episodes, I can say this show is truly scary. Every Thursday morning, going to the usual bus stop to school I always felt someone was watching me. At this point I would probably fast walk, or jog until I my eyes met with other people (honestly, I sometimes even ran). The show makes your skin crawl, the absurd images shown on my television screen, the horrific sounds heard while patients are tortured on hospital beds, when they trusted the doctors to make them better. Some even made you second guess about nuns, the roles they play in the show (of course I won’t tell you the crazy actions they perform on others, you’ll just have to see). Unlike other shows, the TV rating should be taken seriously, which is MA for mature. The show displays a great number of nudity as well as blood, gore, and images that won’t leave your mind until the end of the week. If you love horror, this show is certainly for you: if you don’t, you might want to stay away from any previews or commercials, and you would 100% want to trust me if you don’t.
Overall, American Horror Story: Asylum is definitely a show great for discussion, but you first have to watch it…if you dare!

American Horror Story: Asylum is shown on FX on Wednesdays at 10:00pm.

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