November 12, 2012 Comments Off on Sporks?

How often do we think about what we use to eat our food? Strolling through the line in the cafeteria, what do we– without thinking twice– reach for? A fork, and, depending on the meal, a knife, or a spoon. We do need these utensils, and even when we don’t retrieve them, the spoons and knifes sit, unused, in full containers. Our cafeteria may be suffering from a lack of efficiency. Is there any utensil which can singlehandedly tackle any variety of meal? We all know this mystical tool exists– the spork. Why do we fail to recognize it at Medford high? Some may claim the spork isn’t as efficient as it was intended to be.

One Medford High skeptic somewhat harshly states “I hate sporks. The idea is fine, but they seriously don’t work as either a spoon or a fork.” This criticism, while somewhat controversial, is often supported. This begs a fundamental question: instead of wondering why sporks are difficult to use, why don’t we improve how we use them? Maybe we could treat sporks as we do chopsticks: a cultural symbol of culinary tradition, requiring some level of skill to handle. Maybe we could all search to learn how to make use of this efficient and inventive tool which has gone on ignored for so long in our school and our society. Failing that, why don’t we pursue the bettering of sporks themselves? Let’s build a spork we can really use. Medford High, the future is here. Lets improve our lunchtime utensils, and improve our lives.

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