College Musings – Ready or Not!

November 12, 2012 Comments Off on College Musings – Ready or Not!
College Musings – Ready or Not!

By Jacqueline Luongo


Over the summer, I didn’t get the chance to visit many schools so when September came the anxiety set it. There were so many schools I was interested in and so little time to not only visit but also apply. As I started visiting, “that” feeling wasn’t getting to me; you know that feeling? That “I don’t know what it is but I can see myself here” feeling? Maybe that’s just me but I was expecting to get that feeling immediately, but I was wrong. I visited six schools and I got nothing; it was too big, the setting wasn’t very nice, the food smelled weird. Nothing was clicking.

I then began thinking there was something wrong with me, not the school; maybe I’m not ready, maybe I still have to grow up, maybe I should just go to community college, do I even know what I want to major in? It was so easy to get discouraged especially when there’s always that thought that I might not find that school or even worse “the” school is out there, I just haven’t been looking at it! It’s the easiest thing in the world to get stressed especially on top of school in general. Being a senior isn’t all fun and games like everyone portrays it, it’s a time of stress and anxiety.

On one Saturday in late September, I went on another college visit. I knew I had about three more college visits to go on so I didn’t intend to feel anything special, I didn’t want to set myself up. I sat down in the ginormous gymnasium and listened to the staff of Assumption College explain to me not why it is the best place to be but the importance of the journey to finding a place in the world. At that point I had already started to get excited. When the presentation was over we walked through the small yet quaint campus. It wasn’t perfect the hallways of the dorms were old, the complimentary lunch was OK, and outside of the campus there isn’t much to do.

If I have learned anything from college hunting it’s that perfection is overrated. What matters the most is that we are happy and are able to look beyond the imperfections. I’m not saying to settle, but you will find where you belong when you get there and what seems imperfect makes the college exactly where you need to be. I am seventeen years old and even though I’m expected to make one of the most important decisions I will in my young life I still have a long road to finding who I am. Even though I have found a school I love I’m indecisive and will probably change my mind about my “perfectly imperfect” college. Senior year is a time of excitement and anxiety, nostalgia and worry. Four years ago we would have never believe we would be ready to graduate and attend college but the most important lesson to remember it’s not where you are, it’s what you make of it, and wherever you shall go, go with all of your heart.

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