Sandy Observations

November 13, 2012 Comments Off on Sandy Observations

by Ellen Keith

                Is it the apocalypse? Is it global warming? Or is it just that time of the year? Whether the weather is weathering student’s morals or not, it’s most definitely here to stay.  Just last week we students at MHS had two glorious days off of school due to hurricane Sandy. Even though we didn’t get the brunt of the storm, we certainly had some complications with power and travel that enabled the high school to shut down for 48 hours.
                The hurricane hit other parts of the country much worse than what we experienced; but Sandy did leave a number of obstacles for the residents of Medford, namely trees. Several trees went down because of the high speed winds and knocked a number of power lines down with them, causing blackouts around the Boston area.  Leaves (although less serious than trees and power lines) were also scattered all over the city, I personally had to spend two hours raking my driveway and yards. Thanks Sandy. As if this hurricane wasn’t enough for Medford, just the other night we were hit with a nor’easter!
                Starting around 2 pm and not stopping until well into the night, the first snow fall of the season was a nice reminder that winter is on its way. The snow itself wasn’t too threatening, that is until the winds picked up and the temperature dropped. As the day progressed the roads became slick and dangerous, the highway was especially treacherous and the traffic moved at a glacial pace just for safety. The other morning the snow was still starring at us in the face but a light rainfall allowed for safe travel.
            Adding to these weather anomalies is the 60 degree weather we had this weekend. The snow was melted, leaving no trace of the winter wonderland Medford resembled just a few short days ago. I don’t know what Mother Nature thinks she’s doing to us, but I do know that the next few months of winter will prove to be interesting.

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