MHS Orchestra Concert this Thursday

December 3, 2012 Comments Off on MHS Orchestra Concert this Thursday
MHS Orchestra Concert this Thursday

by Allison Casey

This Thursday night at 7:30, the MHS orchestra will be holding their Winter Concert in the Caron Theater. For the seniors, this will be our LAST winter concert of our high school career, so all you seniors should get out there and show your support for the orchestra! We’ll be playing a song from a very popular Disney movie (you’ll never find out which one if you don’t go!) as well as a few holiday-oriented songs and a song that all your parents will be sure to know!

As a senior, I’m very sad that this will be my second to last concert I’ll ever get to play in with the orchestra and our conductor, Mr. Szykniej, but I’m very excited for how much progress we’ve made since the beginning of the year and to share all of our hard work with all of you. Orchdorks for life!

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