Coldplay Live 2012

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Coldplay Live 2012

Ever since, Summer of 2012 one of my dear friends has pushed to influence the power of Coldplay on my life. I fell into a love for a few of their hits, Fix You, Viva la Vida, and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. Neadless to say I distracted myself with less legendary bands and was not a huge Colplay fan. On Christmas day, I was watching A Christmas Story at my aunts house when I recieved a text from that very friend. “So about my extra ticket…” he said. I was confused for a few minuted until I checked his Facebook page. His parents had bought him two tickets to Coldplay’s next concert, that upcoming Saturday, at Mohegan Sun. I was extatic! i Had never been to a Colplay concert and had heard they were much to speak of. The next day I canceled work for Sunday and prepared myself for the show.

Ironically, that Saturday was the day of the big snow storm. Our first concern was that the concert would be canceled. The ride down was tretorous. Our car skid in every direction, often driving about 10-20 mph on major highways. There wasn’t a single plow on our side of the highway leaving the ground covered with about two inches of snow, slush, and ice. However, we got there and the concert was NOT canceled. Pre-show me and my friend Joe meandered around Mohegan looking in all the shops because unfortunately someone agreed that a legal gambling age would be 21.

At around 7:00pm we headed to the main theatre. Coldplay had one opening act. I don’t recall their name but they weren’t anything special. They were an all accapella group of seven African American men. I have seen some really talented accapella groups, so I wasn’t too impressed. As well, all I wanted to see was Chris Martin shake his booty. ( Chris Martin is the lead singer) Around 9:00pm the crew was completely set up and ready for Coldplay. Coldplay  is known for their vibrant stage decoration and design. For behind the scenes the Coldplay Mylo Xyloto 2012 tour, definately take a look at their live concert DVD.

When Coldplay took the stage, every stood up. The experience began. When you walk in the door, they checked your ticket and handed you a bracelet. At this point the music began and on que everyone’s bracelet lit up. We all had different colors and they flashed to the beat. It was crazy to look around in the dark and see every little person represented my a light. It unified the crowd and made even the people stuck in the very top back a part of the experience. They came out strong. There wasn’t a single moment in the whole concert where you weren’t full of enegery; except of course when they tricked the crowd to think the show was over and showed up in the middle of the audience mid-theatre. They had lazers adorning the arena. At one point large balloons were trancing the audience. Another song let thousands of cut Mylo Xyloto confetti. It was loud and thrilling. The band sang and preformed just as well live as they do in the studio. Coldplay definately embodies talent. I haven’t been to too many concerts, therefore, being a part of such a unique experience was amazing.

Unfortunately, the band is taking a break and the MX tour is over. I pray they won’t stay away for too long. I cant wait for another album. Theses men have been very successful. I don’t want to give away too much but I require you to go download the Coldplay Live CD, RIGHT NOW. I promise you won’t regret it. If you like Rihanna, check out Princess of China. If you like music in general, download the CD, I DARE you. But seriously, when I say Coldplay is an addicting experience I mean it!


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