“Glow in the Dark”

January 14, 2013 Comments Off on “Glow in the Dark”
“Glow in the Dark”

While I was searching through youtube for some new music to update my iPod, some “recently added” music videos came up in my suggestion section. As I randomly began clicking I came across the song “Glow in the Dark” by tyDi ft Kerli. Though I have never listened to or heard of tyDi I just happen to listen to the song not really knowing what to expect. “Glow in the Dark” is a motivational song that presents modern day issues including abuse, bullying, and self-harm.

The video itself is moving and heartbreaking. We live in a world where we see the power of bad but also good. This video has motivated me to make an actual effort to be nicer and be more compassionate towards people. It is so hard to remember we’re not the only ones with problems and it’s even harder to remember people have a life outside of school. Things happen, and not everyone is going to wear a sign on their forehead explaining why they’re upset; because some event didn’t happen in school doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I hope from reading this or even just listening to the song that you take into consideration life isn’t easy for anyone and we are all really just trying our best.

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