Presidential Inauguration

January 23, 2013 Comments Off on Presidential Inauguration
Presidential Inauguration

By Lydia Regan

On Monday morning I woke up to my sister yelling at me saying that President Obama had texted her. At first thought I was annoyed at my sister for yelling and waking me up, and at second thought I was more annoyed at her for waking me up early to say that, but I rolled out of my bed and decided I better get up and eat so I can see President Obama and Beyoncé. After my sister got me up she ran around her house waking up her friends and telling them that President Obama had texted her. After everyone got up and went downstairs we made a makeshift breakfast and put on tons of layers because it was a frigid morning in Washington D.C.
At eight o’clock we all walked outside of my sister’s house and made our way to the Capitol building. The close we got the more crowded it was. Vendors were selling Obama shirts, pins, and hats. There were tons of people dressed in fur coats, buying Obama bags, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Soon the group I was with git stuck in a huge crowd waiting outside of a gate called the Orange Gate, I assume that most of the gates were crowded like the one we were at. There was little elbow space, and not much moving, but soon the gates opened, and we proceeded to the next gate. TSA was in charge of the security, and soon after that we walked to final gate.
Once we got through the last gate we walked until we had a clear view of the capitol building. While we were there were parents with their kids on their shoulders, elderly people, and all types of ethnicities. The most amazing part was being with all of these people and hearing them chant together when President Obama was sworn into office, and hearing them cheer during his speech. His speech was liberal, and it seemed as if this was the time when he was not going to let anyone stop him. I was amazed hearing him speak, and it was really cool. When he mentioned Newtown, there was complete silence in the crowd, and it was touching. Everyone seemed to bow their heads and it felt like we were united.
It was the little things in his speech and the little details about the inauguration that made it so wonderful to be a part of. I think that it is hard ti describe the feeling and he atmosphere, because it is different for everyone. Some people probably were upset with the things he was saying, but for me it was hope. He added so much to his speech that I want to see done, that all I could do was clap in a agreement. I think that everyone should try to go someday, because it is interesting to realize how you felt after the entire event, and why you think you felt that way.

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