Music Variety

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Music Variety

Personally, I love music. I think music therapy is the best way to develop a wrap around your thoughts. Lyrics are a good way to take someone else’s words and use them as an expression of your feelings. If I don’t know how im feeling I generally listen to music. Pulling quotes from songs helps me to grasp my own emotions. I’m listening to music right now. I get lots of inspiration from music. When I turn 18 I want a tattoo quoting “Your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine.” My inspiration for the tattoo was pulled from Poison and Wine by the Civil Wars. My dad introduced me to the song.
It is about a love hate relationship between two people where they both want to hear everything the other says, but complete silence at the same time. I think music can help anyone find a way to sort their thoughts and ideas within themselves. It isn’t important if everyone around us knows what we are feeling. However, if we can figure out how we are feeling internally it definitely helps to develop a better notion of who we are. Music can also provide us with moods that we were otherwise searching for. Develop love for certain genres and you can fill your iPod with songs to fulfill any mood you might be seeking. You don’t have to be a music guru to sense the quality in certain genres.

Some artists that help me sort out emotion and center mood are:

The Weeknd: Recently popularized by their single Wicked Games, was created by Abel Tesfaye an Ethiopian recording artist. He started off as an unacclaimed YouTube artist. In 2011 he released a 9-song CD free to the public. The album became highly acclaimed and created his name as The Weeknd. Most of his songs follow a slower R&B vibe. He plays with sound and jazz often. In his song Initiation he uses effects to pull his voice in and out of high and low pitches.Recently he featured on Wiz Khalifa’s new album O.N.I.F.C. in his song Rememebr Me which quickly became one if not the most popular song on the CD. I think they work great together as artists. We all know Wiz works well adapting to different featured artists. Some Weeknd songs I highly suggest-

The Birds (part 2), D.D. (cover of Michael Jackson), Loft Music, Montreal, What You Need

The Dirty Heads: This rap group definitely has a unique sound. Introduced to them by a friend in the summer, they quickly became my favorite band. Perfect for a chill mood this group of four guys plays with raggae, rap, and punk genres to create a Southern California vibe.
Looking for a perfect band to “warm up to” next summer, these are the guys. Some Dirty Heads songs I highly suggest-

Antelope, Lay Me Down, Neighborhood, Dance All Night, Insomnia, Your Love

Childish Gambino: Often underestimated,  Donald Mckinley Glover is not only known as a rapper/singer but has touched in the fields of comedy, acting, and producing. He was a cowriter for the NBC hit 30 Rock. He is well known recently for his role as Troy Barnes on NBC’s Community. Glover adopted his stage name from the Wu Tang Clan “name generator found under . To this day if Donal Glover is entered Childish Gambino will come through. On November 11, 2011 Glover released his first album Camp. Soon after he began his first tour for the album labeled “Camp Gambino.” Childish Gambino is mainly rap. However, his videos are visual masterpieces. He is extremely creative and has a tendency to throw unique choruses into his music. PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED.
If you are looking for a different approach at rap that can be amplified beautifully when blasted from car speakers, Gambino is for you. He mixed loads of rap with tempos and kicks. All of his songs are unique. Gambino embodies happy/upbeat rap. Some Childish Gambino songs I highly suggest-

Heartbeat, Backpackers, Freaks and Geeks, Kids Keep Up, You See Me

Ron Pope: Pope, born and raised in Altlanta now settles amungst the city of New York. In 2005 Pope broke out with his internet sensation song, A Drop in the Ocean. His success pushed him to pursue a solo career in the pop/rock category. His song writing and guitar skills have earned him raving reviews on his “fresh talent.” He originally attended Rutgers University to pursue a career in baseball. However, after a bad injury two years in, Pope had to quit the game. He transferred to NYU to begin his passion with a career in music.
In May of 2009 Pope signed with Universal Republic and in a year left to produce solely. His most unique project was called 26 Tuesdays where he released a new song every week to his fans from July-December of 2011. Ron Pope’s music is very slow. Most songs have a slow tempo and are very heartfelt. He is definitely not for everyone. I generally listen to his music when I am in an emotional/lovey mood. he has great songs to dedicate to a loved one or boyfriend/girlfriend. I genuineley think Ron Pope has a heart and is keeping alive the real passion of love within music. Sorry Taylor Swift, you’re not…
Some Ron Pope songs I highly suggest-

A Drop in the Ocean, Seven English Girls, Im Yours, Perfect for Me

Music can come in all different varieties. I get a lot of joy out of digging into different genres and discovering new artists. I think music is a beautigul thing and can affect someones life in such a huge way.



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