Perfection Isn’t Beauty

January 30, 2013 Comments Off on Perfection Isn’t Beauty
Perfection Isn’t Beauty

Beautiful. Perfect. Skinny. That is the image that much of the media shoves down the throats of teenage girls, and it NEEDS to stop. According to my psychology teacher, the average woman in the United States is a size 14, so why are we continuously shown images of women that are so ridiculously skinny and unachievably flawless? The women that we are constantly seeing on the covers of magazines and billboards and commercials are airbrushed and edited recreations that make a lot of teenage girls feel as though they need to achieve that same, perfect image in order to be accepted.

For quite a long time, I subscribed to the magazine, Teen Vogue. I used to like looking through the plethora of advertisements held within its pages, until I realized that I was comparing myself to a lot of these impossibly beautiful girls that I saw. I don’t have flawless, airbrushed skin OR perfect, shiny hair, but the girls in the advertisements have all these things. And then I realized that NO ONE actually can be this pretty; quite frankly, I believe that our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful – they aren’t something that should be covered up and made better by Photoshop. I’d like to see a magazine that refrains from using any of that, and just shows us girls that look like us, not dolls. Now THAT is a magazine that I would buy.

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