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Best TV

We recommend our favorite TV shows, because you don’t have enough to do already.

So You Think You Can Dance
1024_768_20100223124519201192This show is awesome and inspiring. I’m a dancer, and seriously, I would recommend it to anyone who dances, or likes dance or just watching dance.   The chemistry of the dancers is amazing and their emotion really pulls you in. As far as reality competition shows go, this one is the best.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
68259First, it’s one of the first shows of all time to have a strong female lead. Season 2 has one of THE BEST storylines I’ve EVER seen in a TV show. There’s something for everyone: action, drama, comedy, horror. It’s just great. It really is. Watch it.

The Walking Dead
300px-Walking_Dead_Season_3_CastI watched the whole first season in one day it was great because there are guts everywhere and explosions and open wounds and gushing blood and really awesome-looking zombies at every turn and it’s just awesome so you should watch it!!!!!!!!!

Breaking Bad
1744294Breaking Bad will blow your mind. Literally everything about it is brilliant. The dad from Malcolm in the Middle is a meth-dealing high school teacher, need I say more? I just… just watch it okay?

The King of the Hill
Wallpaper-from-Russian-funs-king-of-the-hill-12529142-1440-900King of the Hill  is my feel-good show. It is like a delicious soup– warming and delicious without being overbearingly sweet.  It makes fun of everyone equally and truthfully, It is a beautiful cartoon about life and hilarious times and living in  America. I don’t know it’s just so real.

glee-logoEven though the situations in Glee are almost always kind of over-the-top, this show displays the real, important issues that high schoolers face every day. There’s comedy, drama, music, singing, and dancing, okay? What more could you ask for? Really.

I only watch UFC and WordGirl.
-Mr. Heinegg

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