Happy Birthday!

January 31, 2013 Comments Off on Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

photoOn January 31st, you might have noticed some fliers around Medford High- Fifty to be exact. These were neon green fliers to celebrate my eighteenth birthday. The master mind behind this plan was none other than Medford High senior, Maxine Harney.

Earlier this week, January 28, Maxine also celebrated her eighteenth birthday. She found it embarrassing when I initiated a round of “Happy Birthday” song in calculus class. To get her revenge, she plotted for three days and this is what she came up with- Brilliant.

Walking down the hallways was an interesting experience on Thursday. I received “Happy Birthdays” from random students; students that I don’t even know. Maxine’s plan was a success.

It should be taken into account that January 31 is not only my birthday, but a birthday that is shared by several other people at Medford High. I would like to take this opportunity to wish a “Happy Birthday” to my peers Joe Cataldo, Trent Sullivan, Domenic DiSisto, and also submaster Mr. Ross (What a coincidence). Sorry I took the spotlight.

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