Artist Spotlight: Ed Sheeran

February 7, 2013 Comments Off on Artist Spotlight: Ed Sheeran
Artist Spotlight: Ed Sheeran

With the “British Invasion” taking place, it is hard not to listen to the various artists that are now breaking the U.S; one of which 21 year old Edward “Ed” Sheeran. Composing folk, acoustic, and soul music, Sheeran is one of those artists that you listen to the music first, his melodic and calm voice next, and absentmindedly the powerful words, each song constantly on replay. I heard of Sheeran last year and I have to say, thank God I have sooner than later: in fact, I have a whole playlist on my iPod, computer, and cellphone for “Lord Sheeran.”

His songs give meaning and majority is written by him, an ability most artists do not possess. “His choices of songs are very unique. You can tell he wrote them and they are him. The titles he picks are not superficial. It is truly a great fresh of air,” says junior Gaelle Rigaud. I can more than ever agree with Gaelle. The title for his names, “Cold Coffee” and “Sofa” capture your eye, wondering why someone would exactly pick this name. Unlike many artists, Sheeran is the same person from his very first song. From “A Team” to “Give Me Love” “Kiss Me” and “Let it Out” Sheeran gives an exceptional amount of emotion that travels deep into your own soul. Funny enough, he still chooses to dress in jeans and t-shirts at red carpets, proof that he is a down to earth, humble and red haired man that just wants to share his gifted talent.

Not going to lie, he is probably one of the only artists that have made me tear up and cry. You can relate to his songs, understanding what he went through to share his experiences which honestly take a lot of guts. He writes songs every girl would like to hear and every guy would like to say (or I hope). I cannot be any happier that I have found out about Ed Sheeran. There is not one person I have encountered that does not like Ed Sheeran. All in all, Sheeran, keep up the great work! Your songs have meaning and every listener knows that will never change!

If you want to check more of Ed Sheeran…
Twitter is: @edsheeran
Facebook: /edsheeranmusic
Official website:

You can also buy his most recent album “+” with famous single “A Team”

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