Preparing for Puerto Rico!

February 7, 2013 Comments Off on Preparing for Puerto Rico!
Preparing for Puerto Rico!

On February 17th at 9:05pm, the plane headed for San Juan, Puerto Rico carrying over 40 students will depart from Logan Airport.  Over the past nine months the travelers, myself included, have been anticipating this exhilarating eight day trip through the small tropical American Territory.  The treacherous wait for paradise will end in two long weeks when we finally land in 80º San Juan at 1:58 am.

During the excursion, chaperoned by staff members Senor Skorker, Senora Lepore, Ms. Bowler and Ms. Cirigliano, we will be hiking the beautiful El Yunque rainforest that leads to a waterfall.  We will go on a boat tour through a hidden cave, ziplining, crossing a suspension bridge and multiple cultural scavenger hunts.  We will be taking salsa lessons, visiting the world’s largest dry coastal forest, feeding iguanas and a swimming in a dark bioluminescent bay.  Our journey will end on Sunday February 24th, when we depart for the airport at 10:35 pm, leave at 3:15 am and arrive back in our beloved Boston at 6:21 am. So Sad!

Experiencing another culture through the ecosystem, sightseeing, language and food is the best way to find an appreciation for a different way of life.  We will be fully immersed in Puerto Rican culture and since the island is relatively the size of Long Island, we will get to experience all parts of it.  The only thing left is to go buy water shoes, a head lamp, cases of bug spray and sun screen and getting cameras ready!  Time has flown rapidly since this trip was chosen over Spain last may, and all the travelers can agree, it was the right decision.  Puerto Rico, watch out! Medford High is coming!!


El Yunque Rainforest



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