No more Guns? – Editorial

February 13, 2013 1 Comment »
No more Guns? – Editorial

Americans, your President is once again violating the Constitution. President Obama and many Americans have considered gun control a serious issue, and have decided that it’s time to take action. The Second Amendment to the Constitution states that Americans have the right to bear arms. This does not mean to carry around bear arms; it means to possess a gun. Obama has already violated the Constitution numerous times, and banning the purchase of guns would be another example of this. Personally, I feel that assault weapons are murder weapons and they should be banned. Our founding fathers never could have foreseen the creation of assault weapons, so the 2ND Amendment does not justify keeping assault weapons legal. Although I feel this way, putting restrictions on single shot pistols that are used for protection is absurd. Criminals will always find a way to purchase weapons, the best way to stop them from committing crimes is by allowing ordinary citizens to carry guns.

As Robert A. Heinlein once said, “An armed society is a polite society.” Criminals will be more fearful of committing crimes if ordinary citizens are allowed to have a gun. Barack Obama has stated that he would like to put a ban on assault weapons, but we must remember that his image is more important to him than this country. Obama does not want to anger members of the N.R.A. or gun owners, so he hasn’t taken action yet. Even members of his own party have criticized him for allowing assault weapons to remain legal. I disagree with Obama most of the time, but the one time I agree with his stance he decides to wait before taking action. This country needs a leader, and he has already shown that he is not that leader.

We are all aware of the events that occurred in Newtown, CT. They are tragic, but there is honestly no way that tragedy could have been prevented. The killer would have found a way to possess a gun regardless of stricter gun laws. As for the safety of the school, there is little more that they could have done. If they had stricter security at the front desk, he would have shot through security or broken another window. We also must remember that it’s very expensive to pay police officers. In Medford, we have several cops who make over $150,000 to do their job. Lowering their salary would be a good idea, but that’s an issue for another day. The problem is we already have a tight budget, and paying more security would create an even tighter budget. Although these events are tragic, we must honor the lives of the children and realize that the acts committed by this man are unexplainable. This man was obviously insane, but no one knows why he committed this horrendous crime. The media automatically jumps to conclusions, but we must accept the fact that we can’t explain why anyone would ever commit a crime like this. We must remember and honor the lives of these 27 people who were killed.

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One Comment

  1. Haywoode February 14, 2013 at 11:59 am -

    Accusing Obama of violating the Constitution is such fiction. Unfortunately too many fools dial into talk radio for their opinions and don’t take the time to educate themselves as to how the 3 branches of government work. I count you among their number.