Artist Spotlight: Macklemore

March 1, 2013 Comments Off on Artist Spotlight: Macklemore
Artist Spotlight: Macklemore


Have you ever walked down the hallway, going to class and hear someone suddenly say, “I’m gonna pop some tags / Only got 20 dollars in my pocket / I, I, I’m coming, looking for a come-up / This is…,” well I hope you know the rest. Personally, there is not one day where I don’t hear “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. The song has been out for months but each time listening is like a new time. The beat is extremely catchy and the lyrics are fun to sing along to, especially the chorus.

“Thrift Shop” is a great song from Macklemore, however, it is not the only song of his that everyone should listen to.
Born in Seattle, 29 year old Ben Haggerty has been an artist since 2000. He was also known as Professor Macklemore, born in a non musical but supportive family. Macklemore is overall an underground rapper and musician, wanting to reach a younger generation with music. To many people Macklemore as teens would say is “dope” (meaning cool or awesome). I have to agree but a nicer term would be “our future.” Macklemore addresses issues that affect us and take place in our generation, different from others. In “Same Love” Macklemore address gay rights and homophobia, which he supports as well as loving who you want. His lyrics tell his story, that can be anyone’s. Along with Frank Ocean who recently opened up on his sexuality, Macklemore is not afraid to tell what he sees, hears, and watches.
I would recommend Macklemore to ANYONE. Yes, he is a rap artist but the genre does not matter. His words touch anyone regardless of the tempo or beat. His music videos, along with producer Ryan Lewis tell a complex but meaningful story. You can’t keep your eyes off as the scenes change, your feelings alternating and trying to understand what he is saying. Macklemore is an example of the great music that is not dead, in fact, he is bring the goal of rap music back. He represents all of us from the trouble of being a teenager, finding love as an adult, even the new discoveries as a little child. Honestly, I initially only listened to Macklemore to catch up with the latest fads in the new year, but I do not regret that choice. He will succeed and he is one artist to definitely watch for.

To see more of Macklemore…

Facebook: /macklemore

You can also buy Macklemore’s debut album The Heist charted at number 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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