Music Review: Marina and the Diamonds

March 21, 2013 Comments Off on Music Review: Marina and the Diamonds
Music Review: Marina and the Diamonds

By Lydia Regan

Marina and The Diamonds is currently one of my favorite girl bands. Why? Well, this girl has some great songs obviously, but also because she is different!

Marina and the Diamonds is really just Marina Diamandis. She was born in Wales in 1986, she is 50% Welsh and the other 50% is Greek; she has often claimed to be from Ancient Greece, which is strange, but also very funny in my opinion. She also dropped out of four different music programs at four different universities where she began her musical career by doing covers of Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears songs. And now makes her own pop songs with a cool twist.

She decided to make her own music, and make it her own way. This decision has proved to be very successful and has made it hard to pigeonhole her music as her biography on Spotify says. I agree, when I began to write this I wanted to call her pop, but she seems to be more than just pop.

Marina and the Diamonds is great because Marina as a one of kind of voice. Her voice goes through different accents within a song and it is very interesting; she has sort of an 80s feel to her. I think it is because some of her songs will pick up very quickly and then slow down with some minor techno in the background. One of her better-known songs is called “Heartbreaker” and the other is called “Primadonna” both songs are really fun to dance too! Another song of hers that I really like is “Teen Idol” this song is a lot more creepy than the other two, but I also think it is very accurate of some peoples feelings and the generalizations of teenagers.

Another reason I like her songs and attitude seem to be very powerful. She seems to be not afraid to say what she wants or act a certain way. She is a female in the music industry and she does not feel need to sing a very song about either being strong, or needing a boy. She has a mix and seems to be a lot of fun. She is also willing to incorporate different instruments in her songs and have one song be completely different than another song in her albums.

I hope this article inspires you to listen to her music because it is great! She may seem a little girlie but her song “I am not a Robot” was featured by Hoodie Allen in “You are Not a Robot” so evidently she is popular for hipster white rappers, therefore she should be good enough for you to try her music out!

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