Opera Review: Cosi Fan Tutte

March 21, 2013 Comments Off on Opera Review: Cosi Fan Tutte
Opera Review: Cosi Fan Tutte

By David Todisco and Darren McFadden

After a delicious Italian food dinner at Maggiano’s restaurant in Boston, a group of students and teachers of MHS’s Italian department ventured by bus to the Shubert Theater to enjoy their production of Mozart’s comedic opera, “Cosi fan Tutte”. Needless to say, nothing goes with Italian operas quite like spaghetti, and there was lots to enjoy at Maggiano’s.

The friendly-yet-formal traditional atmosphere made the well-prepared meal go quite smoothly. Dopo cena, the group of Italian-speakers made their way to the theater to enjoy a night at the opera.
The Shubert’s interior is just about as classic as it gets; the marble-lined lobby with red velvet barriers, the orchestra pit, the giant gold curtain, an of course, the largest chandelier any of us had ever seen (bar the students from last year’s shubert trip). The curtain opens to a blue screen, with an insightful quote about happiness that none of us cared much for at the time. The overture of the show took about 10 minutes, minutes spent that had the students wondering when the real opera was going to begin, but in the end they were less than disappointed.

“Cosi fan Tutte” is an opera about two men who envision their relationship as perfect putting their money where their mouths are with their friend Alfonso. Alfonso makes a wager that if the lads wear disguises and attempt to woo their “faithful” women, they won’t resist the temptation. Blinded by young love, the boys accept. That’s when the fun begins.

Firstly, he makes the men go “overseas” and kiss their ladies goodbye for a long time, but in reality they leave, dress up as exotic strangers, and return to win the hearts of the women, much to their-but not Alfonso’s-dismay. The show ran from about 7-10 and everyone was pleased to see an opera. Most of us thought and opera was not our sort of thing, but once the story began you couldn’t help but wonder would the women stay loyal, or betray their men.

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