Japanese Students Visit MHS

March 27, 2013 Comments Off on Japanese Students Visit MHS
Japanese Students Visit MHS

By Tina Nguyen

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Liu

On March 26th, Medford High School was honored in hosting a large group of Japanese students for a day. The group of Japanese students, ranging from junior high students to high school students, has a ten day trip in the Boston area and had decided to spend their seventh day touring Medford High School. Throughout the day, the Japanese students were walking through the hallways of Medford High, shadowing, and sitting down in several different classes to have a feel for an American classroom setting.

At the end of the day, many MHS students were able to get to know the Japanese students at a small meet and greet in Café 2 during sixth period. Both the Japanese and MHS students were encouraged to share information about their family, school, favorite activities/sports, and favorite foods with scrapbooks and different forms of technology and social media (including Facebook). For many MHS students, they not only had the chance to learn about the lives of the Japanese students, they also had the chance to hear Mr. Morris give a brief speech in Japanese!

After the meet and greet in Café 2, the Japanese students were then escorted to the Caron Theatre for a presentation given by the Asian Club. Juniors Cam Mitchell, Vincent Tran, and Jordan Harris gave an electrifying and mesmerizing performance of dancing with glow sticks before asking for volunteers in the audience to come up on stage to learn a few tricks with the glow sticks. Although many were shy at first to volunteer to come up and try, once the music began playing, almost all wanted their own glow stick to give their try the glow stick tricks.

Once after the demonstration with the members of Asian Club concluded, Dr. Perella spoke a few words in thanking Ms. Liu and Mr. Blauch for helping to host the Japanese students. Dr. Perella also thanked the leader of the Japanese students by giving him a bag, a MHS lanyard, and a MHS t-shirt. After Dr. Perella’s words of thanks, the stage was given to the Japanese students who put on a small fun skit (in English) and then sang beautifully (in Japanese), as one of their own conducted and another played for the piano, for the members in the audience.

The event concluded as one of the Japanese students gifted Dr. Perella a framed picture of Japanese calligraphy as a token of gratitude for Medford High’s kindness. The MHS administration, staff, and students need to be commemorated for the success of the visit from the Japanese students as it was an effort in scheduling but also rested in the genuine curiosity and interest by the MHS community in learning about another culture and people.

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