Music Review: Hoodie Allen

March 28, 2013 Comments Off on Music Review: Hoodie Allen
Music Review: Hoodie Allen

By Lydia Regan

Question time: Do you like Sammy Adams? Macklemore? Chiddy Bang? Asher Roth? Yes, well in that case Hoodie Allen is your guy. What makes him different? He adds a little more pop to his raps.

So who is he?

Hoodie Allen was born in Long Island but whose real name is Steven Markowitz. Since his start, he has been frat-rap. He first  met the producer RJF at a frat party (Alpha Epsilon Pi-hosted party at the University of Pennsylvania). In 2009, he won MTV’s Best Music on Campus award, and his big hit came in 2010 it was called “You Are Not a Robot” which sampled a part of Marina and the Diamonds “I Am Not a Robot.” He took a nation wide tour and gained even more popularity, and in 2012 ,he released his album All American EP which was released on his own label. This year he released his newest album Crew Cuts featuring songs like “Cake Boy” and “Casanova.”

Hoodie Allen is a great rapper as each one of his songs differs from the next and is also clever because his songs are realistic. His songs reflect his life and are easy to relate to. If you have no idea who this guy is you should really check him out. Check out his song “#Whitegirlproblems” since it includes a Britney Spears reference to the song “Toxic.” After that song check out one of his newer songs, “Cake Boy.” Although it is a little slow in the beginning , the song builds up and his rapping gets faster and faster which is very cool to listen to. Another one his new songs is “Casanova,” featuring Skizzy Mars and G-Eazy.

So check out Hoodie Allen and go on his website. If you go on his website you can easy download a bunch of his songs and it takes less than five minutes so go and do it! WHY? BECAUSE HE ROCKS.

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