Preparing for College: A Student’s View

April 4, 2013 Comments Off on Preparing for College: A Student’s View
Preparing for College: A Student’s View

As the year is coming to an end and everyone is preparing to make the transition to the college lifestyle, we begin to all recognize that we are indeed going our own separate ways. The majority of the seniors at Medford High School aren’t traveling very far. However, even if you find yourself attending the same college as a fellow peer, the chances of seeing them and or maintaining a friendship with them is slim. Personally, I have been accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology in downtown Manhattan of NYC. I was struck with luck when I discovered that my best friend from Washington state, that I have known from camp since a young age, will also be attending the school! I immediately became compelled to start planning for my move.

One of the biggest excitements of moving away to college, for most girls, is decorating your dorm room. I am blessed to be able to dorm with my best friend who happens to be just as creative as me when it comes to design. No matter where you are moving to, even if you end up at Boston College, everything will be different. We are all going to be put into a foreign setting and must adjust to being around an entirely new group of people. This change can be really hard for certain people. Moving away from your closest friends can be difficult. Not seeing your family every day can be even more traumatic. However, we can’t all live at home forever. We all deserve to have more freedom at this age, and I doubt one would beg to differ. Whether you struggle to feel comfortable in your new environment, take it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and develop maturity. I wish everybody in the senior class confidence in their new lives as college students!

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