Editorial: Boston Marathon Bombing

April 26, 2013 Comments Off on Editorial: Boston Marathon Bombing
Editorial: Boston Marathon Bombing

By Lydia Regan

In this past week our community has unfortunately been affected by the bombings in Boston. For many of us this was our first true encounter with terrorism, yes my peers and I were in school during 9/11, and we have known about bombing in other cities and countries around the world. But what happened this past marathon Monday was an attack that directly affected our families and the city that has always been a place of security to us.

Almost every Patriots Day I have gone into Boston and have seen the race, this year I did not go into Boston because I had lacrosse I the morning and I knew it was going to be super crowded.  After lacrosse I hung out with some people and then I went, I watched some the news with my mom and then went on with my day. Around 3 my mother got a phone call from her best friend she was panicking on the phone and telling my mom she couldn’t get a hold of her sister in Boston or her nephew who was running. My mom didn’t know why she was panicking that she couldn’t reach them on the phone and her friend yelled at her to turn the TV on. My mom did and she gasped I went over to the TV and saw that channel five news was reporting that there were two explosions in Boston seconds after one another. When I saw it on Monday I didn’t think it was real, I went to the kitchen thinking that this is a terrible thing that has happened and I hope people are okay, the idea of someone bombing something like the Boston Marathon didn’t seem like an option to me.

Throughout the day my mom was on the phone talking to people making sure they were safe and trying to contact the people we knew that were in Boston. I listened to the news and realized how serious this was people had lost limbs and runners were running to hospitals to give blood. I saw pictures of police officers risking their lives to protect others and I saw people on the ground crying. Somehow it clicked in my head and I realized that this was an actual bombing. Soon cities like Chicago and New York were rooting for Boston, and before I knew it we were Boston Strong.  I never thought that something like this would happen to the place I call home, that something like this would take a life of a girl that my sister had known throughout high school. I had never thought that a little boy would die on Presidents Day and that two pictures of him would circulate the world forever. I never thought that a student who simply wanted an education would lose their life because of terrorism.

I can say that prior to this I was innocent about how some people thought and acted because I could never imagine any of this, but now I can say that the innocence that I had no longer exists. I can also say it no longer exists for almost any high school student who lives near Boston and it probably no longer exists for some middle school children and even younger children, but we all know the strength of our community. Our community has showed its support to the families to all those affected, our community has supported the police and government in finding the men who did this to our city. I have learned that although some people will try to bring us down through violence, that our community is strong and that we have more people who are willing to save us than want to hurt us and I think that is an important lesson to understand.

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