It’s Getting Hot in Here, So Please Leave Your Clothes On

May 17, 2013 Comments Off on It’s Getting Hot in Here, So Please Leave Your Clothes On
It’s Getting Hot in Here, So Please Leave Your Clothes On

The weather is getting warmer which means airconditionless MHS will turn into a hot hell. A lot of students like to dress accordingly, meaning temperature and humidity go up so the amout of clothes on there person goes down.

This year, one of the rules Dr. Perella is really enforcing is the dress code. First voilation of the dress code results in contacting your parents, changing your clothes, and a detention. A second violation also results in contacting your parents and changing your clothes along with a Saturday detention. A third violation will result in prarental contact, change of clothes, a Regular School-day Suspension, a re-admit conference with a parent, and Social Probation for one month. Each violation after your third offence results in the same consequences.

There have been many offenders thus far and students say that they have gone unnoticed. Many people, including teachers, find violation of the dress code uncomfortable. Despite the fact that we go to a public school without uniforms, Medford High is not only educating us but also teaching us how to be professional or “grown-up”, and our appearance should depict that. The way we dress effects the way we behave. Nobody should have to feel uncomfortable in school because some student does not know how to dress appropriately.

To aviod the rath of Ms. Trainor, Mr. Ross, Dr. Perella and other faculty, you should avoid the following:

No visible underware, No halter tops, No clothing with drug/alcohol messeges or sexual innuendos, Shirts/Tops must be long enough to reach the top of your pants, No violance/gang-related items/clothing, No pajamas, No see-through clothing, No tank tops, No spaghetti straps, and No bandanas.

It is important to note that obscenities spelt incorrectly are still considered obscenities.

These Do’s and Don’ts came from the MHS Student Handbook on page 43.

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