Artists to Keep an Eye On: TimeFlies

May 20, 2013 Comments Off on Artists to Keep an Eye On: TimeFlies
Artists to Keep an Eye On: TimeFlies

Boston is by far one of the best cities to find local bands that are not as noticed as others. They seem to stay humble and know where the come from, after all Boston Strong. One local band that everyone should keep an eye on is Timeflies, consisting of producer Rob Resnick and vocalists/rapper Cal Shapiro. The two began in our own Boston, specifically Tufts Univeristy. Though there isn’t much on the group now, they are definitely a group to watch for, providing hip hop, pop, electro, dubstep, and dance. Recently, Shapiro and Resnick performed in the Boston Strong in honor of those during the Boston Bombings in April. Every tuesday, the group has “Timeflies Tuesday” where they post new songs, keeping fans and new-coming fans updated. Overall, keep a close eye on Timeflies!! I mean, come on, they’re representing Boston!

To check more of Timeflies and their recent single “I Choose You” check out:




And Twitter:

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