Junior Prom Overview and Highlights

May 20, 2013 Comments Off on Junior Prom Overview and Highlights
Junior Prom Overview and Highlights

By: Kimberley Hurdle and Gaelle Rigaud

Just over a week ago, the Class of 2014 had their first prom; junior prom to be exact. Looking back at prom, many highlights occured. Here are just a few:

Hotel – The first thing you see when walking into the prom venue was the hotel. Located in Woburn, Massachusetts, the Hilton Hotel was extravagant and elegant. The notorious stairs stuck to the rumors. They were extremely steep but started the laughs of the night as groups watched each other trip and stumble. Juniors were also given the freedom of roaming the Hotel (or atleast the one floor prom was held on), observing the pool just below the balcony and relax on the soft chairs to catch their breath.

Photobooth – The Photobooth was definitely a highlight during prom. Though there were numerous long lines, the pictures were clear and each person was handing a small slip of 4 crazy, passionate, and memorable photos. Along with the photobooth was a table of various accessories such as funky hats, oversized dollar signed sunglasses, and even feather boas to spice up the pictures couples and groups took.

The DJ – To every party, there must be good music, ranging from pop to hip hop, slow songs, to dubstep. The DJ did a great job providing a variety of music as well as fitting the songs juniors had requested pre-prom.

The Dresses – The dresses were by far a highlight for prom. Long to short, flowy to tight-fitted, this was one time to see EVERYONE fancy. Suprisingly, girls exchanged smiles and small laughs as they looked at each others dresses, even stepping and stumbling on some *cough* Cotton Eyed Joe *cough*

Prom King and Queen – As the prom came to an end at 11:00 pm, Prom King and Queen were announced. This is probably one slow dance where everyone sits down and smiles and the couple dance across the floor with their crown and tiara. Congrats to Conor McGovern and Cassie Greene for becoming Prom King and Queen.

The After Party – At 12:00am, the after party finally began. Between the hours of 12-5 am, the after party provided a large table of delicious foods (thanks to Bolocco for the burritos) and a chocolate fountain!! (YUM!). The after party also had another DJ to keep the music going, caricatures, tatooes, an inflatable obstacle course and moon bounce as well as Dance Dance Revolution. If you just wanted to relax and talk to friends, small cots were provided away from the chaos with Tarzan playing on a projector.

Hypnotist – At 3:00 am sharp, a hypnotist appeared as students sat on the bleachers. The hypnotist was by far the funniest event during the night. As a group of kids pretended they were in a band, their shoe was a mp3 player, and even imagined theirselves as body builders, almost everyone giggled or laughed until their stomachs ached.

Overall, the first prom for Class of 2014 was well worth the money and we without a doubt made the best of it. Thanks to the PTO, the teachers that attended prom and Student Council for giving us an awesome prom and an unforgettable experience. Until next year!!

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