Kendrick Keeps the Vibe Alive

May 20, 2013 Comments Off on Kendrick Keeps the Vibe Alive
Kendrick Keeps the Vibe Alive

May 8th Kendrick Lamar came back to Boston. Doors at Umass Boston opened at 6:15 when Say Blanco took the stage opening for Kendrick. My group did not make it to the gymnasium in time to see the opening act, however, we didn’t know who she was regardless. No biggie! When we got to the school via train, there was designated buses taking kids to the gym. This was convenient because it got everyone amped up to get there who otherwise would not have known how to get to the gym. When we were dropped off there were multiple cops observing behavior and conficating cigarettes of all kinds. No one was allowed in with spiky jewelry or lighters. I had a spiky bracelet on and was able to hide it in my wristlet avoiding confiscation.

I congratulate Umass Boston on the flow of secruity and how easy it was to enter the concert. It took us little time to push through the crowd convincing people we were “looking for a friend.” We were decently close to the stage, but due to the height of the guys in front of us it made for a difficult attempt to see Kendrick. Not long after entering Kendrick came out. The place went crazy! The vibe in the gymnasium was insane. Mostly Kendrick sang along with his album recording in the background. However, he had a way with words getting the people of Umass pumped up. Eventually, me and my friends moved our way out of the crowd to get some air. This is when the real stuff went down. My friends Allison, Amanda, and I decided to go out on a ledge and crowd surf. A nearby guy offered to get us going. Lifting me up I figured I wouldn’t last more than 10 seconds. I MADE IT TO THE FRONT ROW! It was the scariest, most thrilling thing ever. Not the safest thing, but I was grounded at the front row untouched. When I landed a member of security grabbed onto my arm pulling me over the fence. At the moment I feared getting kicked out. However, he simply brought me around to the back of the crowd where my friends reunited. It was the best concert experience I could have asked for. Kendrick really brought everyone together and kept the vibe alive!

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