Review: Childish Gambino

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Review: Childish Gambino

By Lydia Regan

An article on Childish Gambino is well overdue and deserved. Donald Glover, a.k.a Childish Gambino, came out with his album Camp in 2011. Donald Glover is a writer, rapper, producer, comedian, and actor. Many people know him from the TV show Community on NBC, but this isn’t about one of the funniest shows, this is about Camp one of my favorite albums.

I was first introduced to his album when I heard the song “Bonfire” on a Pandora radio. I instantly bought “Bonfire” and began to play it all the time. His lyrics are vulgar like most rappers, but they are also very good. I do not think I can fully describe his lyrics without saying how good he is, but I will say that he is clever and different. In the song “Hold You Down,” he mentions that he used to listen to Biggie and dreamed that he could become him. Donald Glover also describes how his family was poor, he lived in the projects housing, and his family took care of foster children. In school, he was intelligent, wanted to be cool, and got in trouble for acting out. He describes the struggles of growing up, changing paths, and going to a white school, describing it as alienation. His lyrics remind me of Biggie and other great rappers, because they do not repeat themselves every line, like the newest Drake song. His songs tell a story and gives an insight into his life.

If you want an example of a song that tells a story about Glovers life listen to “Hold You Down” another example is “Outside.” Both of these songs describe his life, but also describe the daily struggles for someone who is suffering from racism. He talks about what it is like to grow up being poor and black. I think if someone was to listen close enough it could open up their eyes. “All the Shine” is also Glover’s thesis statement, and it describes what he is all about. While he claims that he might not be the best known rapper, but he has passion and I think anyone can see this.

Donald Glover to me is a very impressive rapper, and my attitudes towards him have completely turned around. I am now an avid listener of Childish Gambino, and although he might swear a little bit too much for my taste it does not take away from his impressive lines.

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