Twister Troubles

May 20, 2013 Comments Off on Twister Troubles
Twister Troubles

On Sunday, 26 tornadoes touched down in the mid-west. The storm effected parts of the country as south as Texas and as north as Minnesota. The tornadoes were  very damaging, particularlly in Oklahoma. 16 counties in the state were warned to take cover. There had been predictions for a harsh strom since Wednesday. Many people took advantage of the advanced warning and left their homes to get to a safe area. From those who stuck around, one person was reported dead and at least 21 others injured. It is likely that more people have been  injured by the storm than reported.

The winds were strong enough to turn over tractor trailers and easily tossed around baseball-sized hail and debris. One of the most greatly affected places from the storm was a mobile home park, destroying half a dozen homes which closed off two nearby interstate highways.

Despite the effects from the storm on Sunday, the mid-west might not be in the clear yet. The strom continues to move east, tearing up parts of the country such as Oklahoma and Arkansas. More than 60 million Americans are at risk for severe weather on Monday. Hopefully Americans will take the opportunity to get to a safe place so that the injured and death toll does not rise.

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