Peer Mentors Announced for 2013-14

June 27, 2013 Comments Off on Peer Mentors Announced for 2013-14
Peer Mentors Announced for  2013-14

The Medford High School Peer Mentoring Program aims to connect Grade 9 students with Grade 12 students who have demonstrated high levels of personal character and academic success. Incoming seniors are chosen based on their qualifications and positive feedback provided by the school faculty. Those interested in serving as peer mentors for the 2013-2014 school year were required to submit application forms. Applicants that displayed commendable character, a willingness to connect with their mentees and the desire to share their own personal experiences were recruited to be a part of the program. Mr. Blauch, the support services specialist at Medford High, hopes that the program will help 9th graders deal with anxiety, discipline problems, difficulty with school work, personal problems and stress. The program also hopes to diminish chronic tardiness and absences from school. Mentors are required to attend a peer mentoring training session and will be assigned 3-5 mentees beginning in September 2013.

Peer Mentors for 2013-2014

Branley, Elena
Chau, Kin
Coakley, John
Disisto, Arianna
Durham, James
Elysee, Jose Thessie
Faggiano, Rachel
Fahey, Marcus
Foley, Kelly
Froysa, Shannon
Greene, Cassandra
Keith, Ellen
Lam, Amy
Lanzilli, Brittany
LaRocca, Giulia
Lu He, David
McGovern, Conor
Medeiros, Kelsey
Mitchell, Cameron
Naso, Julianna
Nguyen, Kathy
O’Donovan, Kaleigh
Oliveira, Lillian
Polcaro, Sarah
Prince, Samuel
Rigaurd, Gaelle
Rodriguez, Brittney
Russell, David
Saintilus, Jonica
Taha, Mariam
Tran, Vincent
Traverse, Jamie
Vargas Aguirre, Roger
Vargus, Fred
Walker, Leila
Zheng, Qian

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