Huge Weekend for Boston Sports

October 30, 2013 Comments Off on Huge Weekend for Boston Sports
Huge Weekend for Boston Sports

By: James Durham

Boston sports fans are merrily rejoycing after a huge weekend from the Boston red Sox, and the New England Patriots. Last week, the New England Patriots played the New Orlean Saints. The Saints were a tough opponent and their perfect record of 5-0 showeed it. The Patriots are a strong team as welll with a record of 4-1 ,but they are having issues with their recievers and defense. It was a good matchup pf two NFL powerrhouses and a battle of Brady versus Brees. After a wild game and a tough fourth quarter, The Patriots and Brady knocked the Saints out of perfection and into a record of 5-1. The victorous Patriots advanced to a record of 5-1. Next week, the Patriots are slated to face off agianst their rivals the New York Jets. While last sundays matchup was a great game, this week will be a little bit more personal becuse it is Boston against New York.

Aside from the Patriots big win, the Boston Red Sox overshadowed them after their epic upset in Game 2 of the ALCS. During the game the Sox faced a deficit of 5-0, but in the 8th inning Big Papi would chgane that when the bases were loaded. He hit a grand slam to set up Jarred Saltamacia to score the walk off run. The Sox escaped defeat and even the ALCS series at 1-1. The Sox and the TIgers are set to play Game 3 of the ALCS tonight.

The Boston Bruins did not win after playing the Detriot Red Wings on Colombus Day. The would put up a good fight, but ulitmately capitulate to the Red Wings with a final score of 3-2. While the bruins fell short of victory, the Boston Red Sox and The New England Patriots won. It was defintely a great weekend for boston sports and their crazy fans.

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