Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

October 30, 2013 Comments Off on Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

By: Eddie Fitzgerald

With the end of the first quarter rapidly approaching, a lot of us are focusing on exams, projects, work, community service, etc. Some of us might have even forgotten about that special time of year when young children walk around at night and take candy from complete strangers, or as some refer to it as “Halloween”. If you’ve forgotten about Halloween you’ve undoubtedly forgotten about a Halloween costume. If you fall into that category, I suggest you first invest in a calendar and second, do not fear for I have a solution to all of your problems (not all just one). I have some cheap and easy ways to throw together a last minute Halloween costume.

The first costume is simple, all you need is a catcher’s mitt, a match, and presto change you’re Catching Fire.

The next costume is just as cheesy; the only things you need are a cereal box and a fake knife and BAM! you’re a serial killer. To throw in some flare you can add a black hoodie or a ski mask.

This next one might resonate with a lot of you Harry Potter fans. You’re going to need a pirate’s hook and a pot. Put the pot on your head, the hook on your head, and WHALAA, you’re a Pottaaarrr Head.

The final costume I have prepared for you is the good old fashioned mummy but with a simple twist. Put a pillow under your shirt and then wrap yourself in toilet paper and poof! you’re a mummy’s mommy. If these scary Halloween costume ideas don’t suffice check out Grace Helbig’s last minute Halloween costume ideas on her Youtube page:

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