Sports Report: Bruins and the Celtics are Catching Fire

November 12, 2013 Comments Off on Sports Report: Bruins and the Celtics are Catching Fire
Sports Report:  Bruins and the Celtics are Catching Fire

By: James Durham

A majority of the Boston fan base is sad while most are already depressed due to the fact that there is no more baseball to watch until the next season approaches in the spring. For a lot of people who are not satisfied in watching baseball, they turn their attention to the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics; however, some may pay more attention to the Bruins rather than the Celtics because the Celtics have lost the crux of their roster last year when Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry were acquired by the New York Nets. As the Celtics are amidst a rebuilding season, they can still win games even though they lost their first four. The Celtics were still able to upset many critics on Saturday November 9, 2013 when they defeated the Miami Heat 111-110. This was the third straight win for the Celtics after defeating both the Jazz and Magic twice. The Celtics are currently on a winning streak and they look to add to it when they face off against the Bobcats Wednesday night.

Aside from the Celtics’ hot streak, the Boston Bruins have won their past three games against the Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lighting, and the Dallas Stars. The Bruins had a lot of sentiment in their game with the Dallas Stars because it was the first time they played against Dallas at the TD Garden without Tyler Seguin. Seguin was a good goal scorer, however, the Bruins let him go because he had too many off-the-ice problems. Yesterday, the Bruins shut out the Tampa Bay Lighting 3-0 by taking advantage of the Lighting’s various injuries. During the game, Lighting’s forward Steven Stamkos was carried out on a stretcher after sliding into his own net after an encounter with Bruins’ defense-man Dougie Hamilton. After the Lightning lost Stamkos, the Bruins, especially Patrice Bergeron took advantage of the Lighting’s defense-man’s leg injury to put the Bruins ahead
1-0. 20 seconds after Bergeron’s goal, Daniel Paielle used his agility to score another goal making it 2-0 Bruins. Jarome Iginla put the game away with an empty net goal with about a minute to go in the third period, the remainder of the game.

The Bruins will look to finish off their hot streak at the TD Garden where they square off against the Columbus Blue Jackets Thursday, November 14 before embarking on a road trip.

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