Turn Up for New Teachers?

November 16, 2013 Comments Off on Turn Up for New Teachers?
Turn Up for New Teachers?

By: Eddie Fitzgerald & Emily Ross

This school year is in full swing, and although many of us would much rather stay in bed with our blankets over our heads hoping school would just go away, we have to just accept the sad fact that we need to wake up before noon. This new school year is not the only thing that is new in Medford High, we have had some administrative changes over the summer. When we returned to school in the fall we saw a change in staff, and many of us would agree it was for the best. One of the teachers new to the school this year is Mr. Georgette. He is currently teaching all of the junior class and is thrilled with what he has seen of our school thus far. He spoke to Mustang News exclusively about how great he thinks Medford High School, and how excited he is to be a part of our school and community. Mr. Georgette also spoke of his favorite class, which only has four students it! He told us that he enjoys that class so much because he has gotten to know them on a much more personal level, as well as being able to teach them at a much faster pace. Additionally Mr. Georgette spoke about his ambition to help expand the health program at our school.

Mustang News also got the exclusive on Mr Georgette’s love for teaching. He told us, and only us that he loves teaching at Medford High because he is not the only one teaching in his classroom; “you guys are teaching me just as much as I’m teaching you,” he said during our interview. He went on to say that through the classes  he teaches here at Medford High, he is able to learn how kids interact with each other, and how they learn best. Mr Georgette added that he learns more from his students than he ever thought that he would, which is one of the reasons why he has been enjoying his first quarter Medford High so much!

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