Tomorrow Will Be Kinder: The GSA

November 18, 2013 Comments Off on Tomorrow Will Be Kinder: The GSA
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder: The GSA

By: David Todisco

November is the national transgender awareness month and the official day is November 20 to recognize it. People all over the nation will have vigils to honor the people who have suffered, been bullied, tortured, and murdered for being transgender. Last Thursday, the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) at Medford High recognized the cause.

Tomorrow will be kinder

It’s true, I’ve seen it before

A brighter day is coming my way

Yes, tomorrow will be kinder

            These lyrics were sung beautifully at last weeks GSA assembly in Mr. Skorker’s room. Seniors, Samantha Dorcean and Jenna Lossio truly make the perfect pair; their voices provoked many people to cry.

If Mr.Skorker did not push these student to go to the GSA every week, I would have missed a truly great moment in our school.

The lights were turned off, the door was closed, and we all sat in silence with plastic candles in our hand. Though they were plastic, the room was a beautiful sight too see. Mr. Skorker told us to turn on the candles whenever it felt right.

We took the time to recognize all the pain and suffering for people transgender and just took some time to think to ourselves: throughout the entire school day we are all thinking of the next class we have, trying to understand material, and plan for what’s next. We never really stop in this building and think to be grateful for what we have and everything we are given.

If you are looking for some time to enjoy and reflect on life, I suggest sitting in on a GSA meeting, every Thursday after-school in Room C201.

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