Clubs You May Not Know About: Arabic Club

November 21, 2013 Comments Off on Clubs You May Not Know About: Arabic Club
Clubs You May Not Know About: Arabic Club

By: Katerina Lessard

Arabic Club or “Araclub”  is a club that you can be a part of and like many clubs at Medford High School, you do not have to be of Arabic decent . Ms. Melissa McIntyre and Ms. Lina Smith run this club, available for anyone who is interested in learning about Arab culture and what makes it unique; for example, classical Arab music is extremely popular across the population of Arabic speakers. Regional styles of popular music include Maqam al-iraqi , rai from Algeria, gnawa from Morocco, sawt from Kuwaiti, and Al Jeel and al shaabi from Egypt .

As well as music, Araclub provides discussions based on important events and the effects they have on the world while supporting the Arab community in and out of Medford High School. With many important aspects such as family being extremely important to the Arab Society, along with self-reliance, individuality, and responsibility taught by Arabic parents to their children; Araclub is one of the many clubs that gives you an insight of different cultures and the true diversity of our school and city.

To learn more about Arab society and the cultural viewpoints you can contact:

Ms. McIntyre –

Ms. Smith –

You can also visit the club on Wednesdays at 2:30 in Ms. Smith’s room (Room B210).

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