David Ambrose to Speak at 2014 Graduation

March 3, 2014 Comments Off on David Ambrose to Speak at 2014 Graduation
David Ambrose to Speak at 2014 Graduation

By: Caroline Daly

For the first time at Medford High School, the Class of 2014 seniors were allowed to vote on a teacher or staff to speak at their graduation. Without too much of a surprise, the seniors chose English teacher David Ambrose. Mr. Ambrose, also head of the yearbook, has always been involved in school activities as well as in the lives of the students. He shows outstanding support and kindness to all students as well as praise and an exorbitant amount of encouragement. I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Ambrose about what receiving this honor was like.

I first asked how close he felt with the senior class, to which he responded: “I feel very close to this year’s senior class. I remember the day of their freshman orientation and their first day of school. I have had the chance to get to know them through homeroom, sophomore English class, junior English class, and Yearbook staff. There are some students in the senior class that I’ve even had in class for three consecutive years. It is a great group who will go on to do great things: in fact, many of them have already done great things.”

I then asked how he felt to have been chosen for such an honor, he responded: “It is a terrific honor to be chosen. I am truly flattered. I am very appreciative of everyone who voted for me, especially because I have so many great colleagues here at the school who would also make worthy speakers. It really means a lot to me that this was the decision of the students and i will certainly do my best to live up to their expectations.”

The last question I asked Mr. Ambrose was if there were any memories he had with the senior class, he said: “I have a lot of great memories, and I’m already starting to brainstorm some ideas. I don’t want to give anything away just yet because it’s obviously early on in the process. I’ll plan to speak with Dr. Perella quite a bit about what the final draft of the speech will look like. In the end, I hope to celebrate the city of Medford, Medford High School, and the wonderful students in our community.”

With his modest words, you can see why the senior class picked such a great guy! The best of luck to Mr. Ambrose and the senior class in months to follow.

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