Food Review: Ronny’s Place

March 4, 2014 Comments Off on Food Review: Ronny’s Place
Food Review: Ronny’s Place

By: Sharene Louis

Ronny’s Place is everything you can want in your suburban pizza/wing/sub shop! It is located on Salem Street in Medford. If you ever go there and try the pizza, I recommend you dip it in blue cheese. It adds so much flavor to it. When I go there, I always get fried dough, the tastiest fried dough in my opinion. They seem to make it so it’s just right, crispy and golden brown, drowned in powdered sugar. You just wanna stuff your face in it, but don’t actually do that or you’ll burn your face off.

The prices at Ronnie’s Place are also pretty reasonable. They have a lot of other different food there, like wraps and chicken wings. The owner there is ironically named Ronny and he is always hooking me up with free food, and that’s one of the reasons I always eat there but regardless, anyone and everyone should try Ronny’s. If you are ever craving some fried dough or pizza with a side of blue cheese, I highly recommend you go to Ronny’s Place.

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