NBA Star Chris Herren Visits Medford

March 4, 2014 Comments Off on NBA Star Chris Herren Visits Medford
NBA Star Chris Herren Visits Medford

By: Michelle Carvalho

Last night I had to privilege of listening to the local NBA star, Chris Herren who ruined his career due to drug abuse. I came into this speech thinking that he would talk about his life and how he overcame the process but instead he only spent a short amount of time talking about him and connected his experiences to the pressure of society on teenagers like us today. Herren believes that everything starts with Day 1. He explained that if you asked a heroine addict how he became an addict, they would say they started off with little things like weed and liquor. Herren explained how one moment, such as accepting to sip some alcohol or taking a hit, can be the moment that changes your life forever.

One topic that Chris Herren could not move away from was the idea of ‘fitting in’ and being ‘cool.’ After the event, he tweeted about his experience, addressing the Medford High School athletes he concluded with “#BeYou.” Being you is exactly what his talk was about. He described how he wishes he could have had the courage to be himself when he was younger. He looks upon the people who don’t drink on their Friday and Saturday nights while their friends are drinking. Anything that deprives you of being you should not be in your life.
Overall Chris made a lasting impact on the MHS community and his talk will certainly not be forgotten.
For more information on The Herren Project of Project Purple you can check out the website:
Photo Credit: Sport.Espn

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