Movie Review: Frozen

March 7, 2014 Comments Off on Movie Review: Frozen
Movie Review: Frozen

By: Katerina Lessard

Frozen is a movie loosely based on the fable “The Snow Queen.” The movie is about two princess sisters named Elsa and Anna. One of the sistsers, Anna, is spunky and wanting to go outside while Elsa is the opposite, confining herself in her room. Elsa traps herself in her room because he has the power to freeze things which can be considered to be terrible.

This movie is very emotional and also is a great Disney movie to watch with the family. It is apparent Disney movies have been evolving ever since “Tangled” came out. The animations are changing and bringing a new twist to Disney movies: frozen in particular has recently won the Oscar for Animated Feature Film and Music for “Let It Go” performed by Idina Menzel.

I would recommend anyone to watch this movie and give this movie 4/5 stars. Anyone of all ages can watch this movie and enjoy it.

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