Artists To Keep an Eye On: Disclosure & Sam Smith

March 8, 2014 Comments Off on Artists To Keep an Eye On: Disclosure & Sam Smith
Artists To Keep an Eye On: Disclosure & Sam Smith

By: Kimberley Hurdle

Recently, I have been branching off of the typical radio music that is often overplayed (to the point where you usually don’t like the song anymore) and let myself wander onto YouTube, Pandora, and yes, Tumblr at times where I somehow find music that no one knows, yet everyone should. Toward the end of last year, I stumbled upon English electronic music duo Disclosure and English singer-songwriter Sam Smith. Disclosure is made up of two brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence who grew up in Surrey, England that create an electronic/funky/club-like music that you can blast in your car driving to any destination or drown your ears in while trying to do homework (emphasis on trying).

When I first heard Disclosure, specifically their single “Latch,” I absolutely loved the beat and how you could essentially feel it going through your body. The sounds I heard as the song progressed seemed new and different with each listen. It is safe to say, I listened to this song about 8 times from friends and not once did I grunt or roll my eyes for them to change the song; however you can’t really blame me for listening to the song non-stop. The brothers were nominated for Best Dance/ Electronic Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

While I was listening to “Latch,” I was also drawn to the singer. I later found out it was 21 year old Samuel Fredrick Smith, or as he calls himself, Sam Smith. Personally, Smith’s voice to me is refreshing, soulful, and certainly underrated compared to other voices, especially those on the radio (can anyone say autotune.) Smith has a voice you can easily close your eyes to and just listen to the lyrics, many of which have meaning. If you have not heard of Smith’s amazing voice in “Latch,” you may have heard it in Naughty Boy’s song “La La La” or Smith’s own single “Money on My Mind.” Regardless, Disclosure and Smith are two artists you should definitely put on a party/hang-out playlist. Even if your friends have not heard of them, they definitely will after and you can bet Disclosure and Sam Smith will be on repeat.

Due to the risque-like music video, here is a lyric video of “Latch”:



And here is an acoustic of just Sam Smith:




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